Managing IP Rights at Times of Uncertainty in the UK

Published: October 22, 2019

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Tim Moss CEO and Comptroller General, UK Intellectual Property Office Newport, South Wales, UK

Europe has been experiencing political turmoil over the last few years, from the Catalonia referendum on independence to Brexit. No surprise, Brexit is expected to have consequences on the intellectual property (IP) of UK companies, from many standpoints: legal, economic (IP rights-intensive industries contribute more than 35 percent to the GDP), marketing, social, etc.

The guest of this episode, Tim Moss, has been the CEO and Comptroller General of the UK Intellectual Property Office since May 2017, and previously was the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales and Chief Executive of Companies House, the UK Registrar of Companies.  At the forefront of the changes occurring as a result of Brexit, he shares his views on its consequences for the IP world and provides an eye-opening analysis of the main challenges faced by the IP world in general and how to overcome them.

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