Perspective on Africa’s IP Strengths and Challenges

Published: February 15, 2022

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Brenda Kahari B.W. Kahari Zimbabwe

Business-wise in a complex challenged global economy Africa is more on the move than ever. The World Economic Forum pointed out last year that six of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world are in Africa and the continent’s average annual GDP growth is projected to remain at a robust average of six percent until 2023.

How does this unstoppable growth translate from an intellectual property (IP) perspective? What are the continent’s strengths and challenges that can explain where Africa sits right now in the IP world, both legally and from a market perspective?

Brenda Kahari, the guest of this episode of Brand & New, is a repeat guest, previously discussing brands and new technology in Africa. She is the founder of the law firm B.W. Kahari based in Harare, Zimbabwe, and is a regular speaker on topics related to IP for major international organizations such as the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), INTA, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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