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Member Resources
Member Resources

Let INTA help you save time and money in your daily trademark practice, with online resources that are available to everyone at your INTA member organization at no additional cost!

All you need to take full advantage of these resources is a username and password. If you don’t have login credentials, please contact

Practical, on-the-ground information covering trademark and related areas of law throughout the world.

INTA Cancellations Guide
Get quick answers to emergency questions on deadlines, extensions, and grounds.

INTA Country Guide
Save time researching local practice and procedure regarding filing, prosecution, registration, and maintenance.

INTA Enforcement Guide
Evaluate options for emergency enforcement and early resolution of litigation, and understand litigation and post-judgment issues, including cost and remedies.

INTA Geographical Indications Guide
Learn the practices and procedures for protecting and enforcing rights in geographical indications, certification marks, and collective marks.

INTA Practitioner’s Guide to the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol
Make timely decisions about how and when to use the Madrid System.

INTA International Oppositions Guide
Quickly assess options on where and when to oppose a mark.

INTA Tradedress Guide
Compare trademark, copyright, patent, and design options to protect trade dress.

INTA Trademark Office Benchmark
Useful data on trademark office procedures in the areas of filing, examination, prosecution, and opposition, as applied by over 170 offices worldwide.

Topic Portal

Global Portal

Case Excerpts on Survey Evidence in U.S. Litigation
These documents, compiled by Ford Bubala & Associates, provide short excerpts from U.S. federal court opinions that discuss the use of survey evidence in trademark litigation under the Lanham Act.

Famous and Well-Known Marks
Explore the rationale for and implementation of the protection of these exceptional trademarks, including their recognition and protection in 18 countries.

Industry Perspectives
Approachable papers covering trademark issues especially relevant to particular industries, providing background on legal concepts for attorneys and executives

Practitioners' Checklists
Checklists to help ensure that critical considerations are not forgotten and that details are managed efficiently.

Trademark Administration

Core chapters cover the role and function of trademarks, selection and clearance, registration, maintenance, business transactions, litigation, international practice, ethics, and more.

The Trademark Reporter

Engaging and comprehensive scholarship from practitioners, academics, and judges in this oft-cited, peer-reviewed journal focused on trademarks and related IP.

Quick-Start Trademark Chart
Quick-hit answers to frequently asked questions across more than 120 jurisdictions, with printable charts and links to enable you to expand your research.

U.S. State Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
A singular, comprehensive source for facts, commentary and analysis on U.S. state trademark and unfair competition law in each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico.