Payment & Policies

2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting


Payment for registration for the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting can only be made by credit card and through our online system.


Your registration for the Annual Meeting is transferable to another individual employed by your organization. For those attending the Leadership Meeting please note that attendance is exclusively for committee members. Any substitute must be on a current committee and, therefore, already eligible to register for the Meeting.

To facilitate the substitution process, please submit your Substitution Request Form to [email protected], stating in detail the reason for the substitution and the person participating in your place.


To facilitate the refund process (for consideration of refund), please submit your Refund Request Form to [email protected] stating in detail the reason for the refund request and including any relevant attachments.

Full refunds for the registration fee will be issued only if a cancellation request is received on or before August 28, 2020.

Full refunds for the registration fee, minus a cancellation fee of US $150, will be issued for cancellations requested between August 29, 2020, and October 23, 2020.

No cancellation requests will be accepted and no refunds will be given starting October 24, 2020.


To be eligible for the appropriate member rate, your organization must be in good standing with a 2020 or 2021 membership at the time of your Annual Meeting registration.

Be sure to renew your membership or join INTA to receive the member rate.


INTA is not offering a 2021 Annual Meeting pre-sale purchase.
The first 1500 registrants of the virtual 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting will have early access to registration and hotels for the 2021 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, USA.

You must register and attend the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting to be eligible. Those registrants who qualify will be notified after the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting and prior to the 2021 Annual Meeting registration launch.


Corporate registrants will receive a complimentary registration for every 4th registrant (buy 3, get 1 free; 6 get 2 free; and so on).

Associate registrants will receive a complimentary registration for every 6th registrant. (buy 5, get 1 free;10, get 2 free; and so on).

Corporate and Associate Registrants who qualify for the bulk registration discount may not receive a full refund if a threshold registration is subsequently canceled (subject to INTA’s cancellation policies). If the organization no longer meets the criteria for a discount because of a canceled registration, INTA will only refund the difference (subject to INTA’s cancellation policies).


Tuition assistance for the Annual Meeting is available to eligible attorneys who have a total individual income of less than US $35,000 a year or who are currently unemployed. Proper documentation will be required. For more information, or to request an application, please contact us.


There is no on-site registration.

All persons must be registered at least one week prior to the start of the meeting or before October 30 to access the virtual event platform.

Pre-registration is required for many of the networking opportunities; for some sessions, space is limited and is first-come, first-served. Please ensure you have registered for these by October 30. INTA will be unable to accommodate any last-minute changes or requests.


Only persons registered for the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting will have access to the virtual event platform and events associated with the Meeting, such as educational sessions, committee meetings, Speed Networking, Table Topics, Social Networking, General Networking (virtual Hospitality), Exhibition Hall, and Sponsor Suites.

You will receive an email prior to the event with information about how to access and navigate the virtual event platform. We recommend that registrants test their log-in credentials and contact INTA for assistance if needed.

Access credentials are unique and should not be shared.
The virtual event platform is digitally secured. Anyone discovered sharing login-in information may be subject to sanctions, up to and including blocking access to the Meeting and revocation of INTA membership.

Committee-only registrations will not be available for the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting.


During registration, you are given the option to share your information in the Registrant Directory. The Directory will only be accessible to other event registrants. Email addresses are not included in the Registrant Directory.

It is the policy of INTA that all information contained in the INTA Membership Directory and the INTA Annual Meeting Registrant Directory is entrusted to registrants for their personal use only, and use of this information for any other purpose, such as unsolicited electronic communication, is expressly prohibited. The same applies for the unauthorized sale or distribution of information obtained from our Registrant Directory. Violation of this policy may subject the member to sanctions up to and including revocation of INTA membership. Should you be aware of any violations of this policy, please report the issue.


INTA takes screenshots, photographs, videos, and recordings of this event for use in future INTA news and promotional materials in print, electronic, and other media, including the INTA website and social media channels. Event participants grant INTA the right to use any image, photograph, voice, recording or likeness, without limitation, in its promotional materials and publicity efforts without compensation. All media becomes the property of INTA. Media may be displayed, distributed, or used by INTA for any purpose.


INTA collects personal information to enable your event registration, including your name, address, email address, and other contact details. This information may be shared with select third parties that perform services for INTA in connection with this event, including database management services, when applicable. Please review INTA’s full Privacy Policy.


All Annual Meeting registrant information will be passed through to the virtual event platform: Record ID from INTA’s Membership Database, Preferred Name / First Name, Last Name, Registrant Email, Organization Name and Organization contact details, and your reserved sessions. INTA uses this data for CLE and CPD purposes: for example, to generate CLE certificates for registrants and to validate events registrants have reserved.

Exhibitor Use: If you visit virtual exhibitor booths, the information will be captured by that exhibitor and handled in accordance with their policies and terms.

Visiting may be construed as consent to receive marketing and communications from that specific exhibitor in the future. Subsequently you may receive marketing materials from an exhibitor; you can contact the specific exhibitor asking to unsubscribe from the marketing at any time (e.g., by following the unsubscribe instructions in their emails).


In the past few years, INTA has seen an increase in the number of persons trying to register business colleagues as guests and engaging in other practices designed to avoid payment of the registration fee for the Annual Meeting.

Please note that anyone violating the virtual meeting event polices, may be subject to sanctions, up to and including removal from the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting and revocation of INTA membership.


Please note that in acknowledging your event, INTA is not taking any responsibility or liability for the event. Your organization will be fully liable and responsible for all matters concerning your event, including but not limited to making all payments, having adequate insurance coverage, ensuring appropriate behavior from guests, and meeting contractual obligations.


When promoting your event via email, we ask that you refrain from using “INTA” or “International Trademark Association” in a way that suggests that INTA is an official sponsor of your event. For example, we ask that you:

  • Not use INTA or International Trademark Association in an email subject line unless the subject line also makes clear the name of the firm sponsoring the event.
  • Not use INTA as part of an RSVP or other email address.
  • Not use INTA in the name of a party or event (for example, please do not call your event “INTA Reception”).