Photography Exhibition

Share your unique perspective and join us at the 2024 Annual Meeting!

city view through camera lens

Making a Difference Through Art & Philanthropy

Embark on a visual journey with INTA’s 2024 Photography Exhibition, set to illuminate the Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA! Recognizing our members’ passion for photography as a form of self-expression and an escape from the daily routine, this exhibition is a celebration of creativity within our global community.

During our Annual Meeting, we will showcase the photographic masterpieces of up to 50 Annual Meeting registrants. It’s an exclusive opportunity for 2024 Annual Meeting registrants to share their unique perspectives through the lens. What makes this experience even more special is that all registrants throughout the week can acquire these original pieces of art. Each purchase will directly contribute to the noble causes championed by the INTA Foundation.

Do you have an eye for capturing moments and want to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of INTA’s community? This invitation is extended to you—don’t hesitate! Register now to be part of the 2024 Photography Exhibition, where your photographs will become not just images, but stories woven into the collective narrative of our diverse and creative community. Join us in making a difference through art and philanthropy!

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