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Young Practitioner Spotlight: Yashvardhan Rana

Published: April 6, 2022

Yashvardhan Rana

Yashvardhan Rana (Amarjit Associates LLP, India)

Yashvardhan Rana (Amarjit Associates LLP, India) believes that with the right blend of rigor, discipline, persistence, and a willingness to learn, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. Cultivating these skills has helped him thrive in the challenging environment of an ambitious boutique law firm. While the work is demanding, it allows him opportunities to calibrate, augment his skills, adapt, and respond to new challenges on a daily basis.

Mr. Rana has spent seven years practicing intellectual property (IP) law, including five years practicing trademark law in India. Currently, he is a partner at Amarjit Associates LLP, working in IP prosecution with a special focus in trademark, copyright, and design laws. He received his law degree from Queen Mary University of London in 2016.

From his perspective, confusion-based infringement is the most important issue in trademark law today. His interest in the similarity or dissimilarity of goods or services in likelihood of confusion cases was one of the major factors that drew him to specialize in trademark law.

Mr. Rana advises law students considering a career in trademark law to focus on research and to read case law daily. He also recommends taking notes while reading to help engage with the law through interpretation and analysis. He believes the new normal for law firms going forward will involve a hybrid, “work-from-anywhere” model, so he also recommends that students get comfortable using cloud-based computing systems.

As a member of The Trademark Reporter Committee for the 2020‒2021 term, Mr. Rana found his role as an editor to be stimulating and enriching. He particularly enjoyed the experience of writing a review of the book Internet Intermediaries and Trade Mark Rights by Althaf Marsoof. Now serving on the Academic Committee, he looks forward to developing a multi-disciplinary, hands-on approach in a diverse environment that will help him grow and broaden his perspective. He views the opportunities for personal and intellectual growth to be one of the greatest advantages of belonging to INTA.

When he is not working with trademarks, Mr. Rana enjoys sports, music, and international travel. During his school years he was a state-level badminton player. His favorite trademarks include AMAZON, BMW, COCA-COLA, MERCEDES-BENZ, RED BULL, SONY, TATA, TESLA, YVES SAINT LAURENT, and ZARA.

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