2022 In-Person Leadership Meeting Registration Opens

Published: July 13, 2022

INTA has opened registration for the 2022 Leadership Meeting, reverting to an in-person format, linking educational programming to the Association’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, emphasizing professional and leadership development, and, most of all, underscoring the value of committee members to the organization’s initiatives and influence.

The Meeting will take place from November 15 to 18, 2022, at the Fontainbleau Miami Beach in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Early-bird registration is available through August 26.

INTA has put in place precautions related to COVID-19 and its variants and will adjust the guidelines as appropriate to prioritize attendees’ health and safety. In addition, the host venue has its own on-premise COVID-19-related policies.

The event marks a return to INTA’s traditional Leadership Meeting, both in format—in person—and timing—November. Due to the pandemic, INTA switched gears the past two years, holding its first combined Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting virtually in November 2020, and a stand-alone virtual Leadership Meeting in May 2021. Thus, the 2022 Leadership Meeting comes after an 18-month absence.

And the Project Team is hard at work to make it worth the wait. The Project Team Co-Chairs are Kim Boyle, Richard Law Group (Texas, USA) and Rosa Jimenez, Travel + Leisure Co. (Florida, USA).

“It’s our first fully in-person Leadership Meeting since 2019, and I sense and share the excitement of my colleagues about that!” said Ms. Boyle. “During the first two years of the pandemic, INTA made really impressive adaptations to virtual conferences. We’ve all certainly proven that we are effective even just digitally, but there really is no replacement for the benefit—and fun—of speaking and sharing stories in person.”

Ms. Jimenez agreed, noting: “When I look back over the last two years and reflect on the adjustments we had to undergo, I have a particular appreciation for in-person opportunities. I’d love for INTA member volunteers to experience the impact of coming together at the Leadership Meeting. Brands don’t stand alone; we benefit from one another.”

In actuality, the Leadership Meeting is all about INTA members’ voluntarism. Registration for this exclusive event is by invitation only, open solely to the 2022-2023 member volunteers of the 37 committees from the Advocacy, Communications, and Resources Groups; current members of various think tanks, task forces, and project teams; current and incoming members of the Board of Directors;  past presidents and counsel; as well as staff of government intellectual property (IP) offices.

All committee meetings will be conducted in person, and registration is required in order to attend the Leadership Meeting. Occurring as the 2022-2023 Committee Term reaches its midway point, the Meeting offers members the opportunity to gather in person to celebrate their committee’s accomplishments thus far, discuss steps toward remaining objectives, help shape INTA’s future, and connect on issues of interest to the IP community.

Also casting committee members centerstage, a focus of the Meeting is leadership development. On the agenda are the fan-favorite LEAD session, Leadership Bootcamp, and Leadership Labs—all designed to help members hone their leadership skills, be inspired by leadership success stories, and advance in their committee roles and professional careers.

In addition, INTA is further investing in members’ professional development through its educational programming on important issues central to members’ business and professional goals. This year’s agenda builds on the three pillars of INTA’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan—the third of which is to “support the development of IP professionals.” As such, the Project Team is planning a general counsel—related panel, a look at creating psychological safety in today’s world, and a session on embargoes, sanctions, and export control in the lifecycle of brands.

Other dynamic sessions will link to strategic directions one and two: “promote and reinforce the value of brands” and “build a better society through brands.” On the first pillar, experts will explore emerging issues such as IP and space, the metaverse, and brand valuation, as well as anticounterfeiting and enforcement; and on the latter, they will discuss the environment, and diversity, equity, and inclusion, among other topics.

Following in the footsteps of INTA’s recent meetings, the Leadership Meeting will also present Business Development opportunities to connect with peers. Currently, nine excursions are in the offing, including those that take advantage of the exciting Miami Beach environs, such as a beach soccer match, beach volleyball, a night out on South Beach, and a food tour of Little Havana. Members can sign up, at an additional fee, during the registration process.

There is even more to this Meeting: Service Awards Winners Ceremonies, receptions, and the announcement of the 2023-2025 Board Class. Registrants can also Plan Your Own Event (PYOE); the PYOE request form will be available soon.

Ms. Boyle calls the Leadership Meeting a “must-do! We have good things in store!”

For Ms. Jimenez, who is based in Florida, the Meeting holds personal significance as well. “We are planning a dynamic meeting and … did I mention, it’s in Miami?” she said. “The Project Team is as vibrant as the city, and their energy is contagious. I can’t wait to welcome you all to The Sunshine State!”

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