An Update on INTA’s Response to COVID-19

Published: May 1, 2020

The April 15 INTA Bulletin included a notice highlighting a few initiatives that the Association is undertaking to (1) support COVID-19 response efforts and (2) adjust operations in order to keep members engaged and keep the organization moving forward. Progress is being made on all fronts. INTA and its volunteers continue to adapt to social distancing measures in place globally, demonstrate resourcefulness, and “embrace innovation and change,” as our Strategic Plan calls upon us to do. Here’s an update:

INTA’s New York Conference Is Going Virtual: The 2020 New York Conference”•Brands in Society: Their Influence and Responsibility has been transformed into an online event. Taking place on June 22 and 23, this is now officially the Association’s first virtual conference. Content will be delivered through a combination of live and on-demand offerings, with opportunities to learn and network with colleagues from around the world, including through live Q&A with speakers and networking breakout sessions. Brands have a huge impact on society, and the need to discuss the important role that sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and technology play in the world today is even more pertinent during these challenging times. Registration is open. 

The Unreal Campaign Goes Virtual: Since the Unreal Campaign began in 2012, its main focus has been on giving student presentations in schools about the dangers of counterfeits and the value of trademarks and brands. With schools shut down around the globe, the Campaign recently went virtual. The first two Unreal Campaign virtual presentations took place in India on April 21, thanks to Middle East, Africa & South Asia Subcommittee Chair Rachna Bakhru (RNA, IP Attorneys, India) and the Cell for IPR Promotion and Management (CIPAM). This was also another first for the Unreal Campaign as, instead of young adults, the presentations were delivered to approximately 160 educators from across different regions in India. More virtual events are being planned by the Unreal Campaign Committee.

Virtual Speed Networking: INTA introduced Virtual Speed Networking in April to keep the global trademark community connected and to support those that rely on business development and networking even when working remotely. Based on the resounding success of the program so far, the Association has extended this initiative through June. The sessions are open to new and experienced members and non-members interested in making new contacts. So far, 180 participants have taken advantage of this new networking opportunity, one of whom, Eunice Chan (KASS International Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia) noted, “The INTA Virtual Speed Networking sessions have been a blessing at a time when many are craving human connection and seeking alternative ways to expand their professional network. Having a platform to meet new faces in the IP industry from all over the world at a time like this has been wonderful.” Learn more and register here

And finally, here’s an update on the INTA Community Cares—COVID-19 Donation Campaign from INTA President Ayala Deutsch:

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