Board Members Align on a Virtual Path

Published: June 1, 2020

Shaking up a tried-and-true in-person format—like the iconic, 140+ year old Annual Meeting—isn’t always easy. But INTA’s Board of Directors, acknowledging the health, safety, and economic concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, recently agreed that the only path forward is to dive into new territory—propelling their full support behind an all-virtual 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting. We asked Board members why they are excited about November’s virtual event, and why others should be as well. Here are some thoughts from several of them.

Ayala Deutsch, INTA President and General Counsel, NBA Properties, Inc. (USA)

“Embracing innovation and change is one of INTA’s strategic priorities, and it is more important than ever before to be forward-thinking. The virtual Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting will allow us to leverage technology to innovate with cutting-edge content, new networking experiences, and increased flexibility for members—and to carry those innovations forward beyond this year.”

TikiDareTiki Dare, INTA President-Elect, Assistant General Counsel, Oracle Corporation (USA)

“INTA meetings have always been an outstanding platform for us to come together, network, and learn, and this year we can do all that with even broader reach. Looking forward to seeing you all virtually in November.”

Dana Northcott, INTA Treasurer and Associate General Counsel and Vice President-Intellectual Property,, Inc. (USA) 

“With lower registration fees and removal of travel costs, I’m able to ‘bring’ additional team members, which is really exciting for us and opens up new opportunities. Additionally, the flexibility of the meeting format means my team in the EU and Australia can now fully participate in their time zone, and not miss out.”

Elisabeth Bradley, INTA Secretary, 2020 Annual Meeting Project Team Co-Chair, and Vice President, Innovation Law: Trademarks, Copyrights, and Brand Protection, Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)

“The virtual platform will allow us to connect and network with colleagues in a focused, innovative way, in a year that otherwise would not be possible given health concerns and travel restrictions. At INTA’s virtual events so far this year, including Board and committee meetings, we have seen that everyone is extremely engaged. Having a virtual Annual and Leadership Meeting supported by cutting-edge technology will take these online connections to a new level.”

Jeremy Kaufman, Board Member, Vice President-Intellectual Property, Netflix, Inc. (USA)

“During this time of uncertainty and isolation, I am grateful that the Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting will give the Netflix IP Team an opportunity to learn from others on how to navigate these uncharted waters, and to maintain our friendships and connection with the IP community.”

Michael Hawkins, Board Member, Partner, Noerr Alicante IP, S.L. (Spain)

“Every year I am prevented from attending many interesting keynote and educational sessions due to scheduling conflicts. This year I am really looking forward to being able to attend them all when I want, where I want.… This all-virtual meeting is INTA truly living its mission: ‘Embrace Innovation and Change.’”

Daniel Zohny, Board Member, Head of Intellectual Property, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Switzerland)

“The price point is very attractive and probably an unbeatable value given the number of educational and other event offerings compared to even ‘regular’ one-day seminars. And due to the attractive pricing, it affords people of the INTA community who normally do not have the chance to attend the opportunity to experience an Annual Meeting. It will give every member of the FIFA IP team (counsel, paralegals, assistants) the opportunity to participate if they’d like.”

Larry Rickles, Board Member, Chief Trademark Counsel, Teva Pharmaceuticals (USA)

“In these difficult times, it is more important than ever that we take the time to connect with friends and colleagues, even in a virtual setting. Maintaining our professional and personal connections via the 2020 Annual Meeting will enable INTA (and the trademark profession in general) to return even stronger once this situation has passed. For many members, the continuity of meeting every year with distant partners and clients is of high value. In this manner, we can continue to foster these connections and nurture important relationships.”

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