First 2021 Issue of INTA’s China Bulletin Is Available

Published: February 8, 2021

China Bulletin front pageWith the start of the new year, the first issue of INTA’s China Bulletin in 2021 begins with an interview with INTA President Tiki Dare. Ms. Dare discusses her priorities for her term as President; provides insight into her Presidential Task Force, which is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion; and shares some advice on how to maximize INTA membership, especially in these challenging times.

The January 2021 issue also rewinds to INTA’s first-ever fully-virtual Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting with reactions from members who attended this innovative event in November 2020.

A two-part feature article series looks at the right of publicity and how one’s image and personality are used and protected. Acknowledging that individuals have a legal right to protect their identity and control the economic exploitation of their persona and image, Part I of the series sheds light on  exemptions that have been growing as society evolves. In Part II, the authors explore the boundaries of the right of publicity with respect to composite characters, transformative use, and use in video games.

A third feature article explores A Three-Decade Debate Over Immoral-Scandalous Trademarks. The more creative and distinctive a trademark is, the more likely it is to receive protection. Having an eye-catching trademark, even perhaps a scandalous one, can help a brand stand out from its competitors. Noting this, the article looks at how to balance business needs with freedom of expression.

Finally, in addition to providing recent Association updates, the latest China Bulletin also covers a number of legislative and case law developments from around the world:

The China Bulletin is a quarterly publication in Mandarin providing insight into the Association’s advocacy work, educational events, legal resources, and other activities. It also includes in-depth feature articles and Law & Practice updates covering notable case law and legislative developments and trends from around the globe.

Articles in the China Bulletin come primarily from the INTA Bulletin. The INTA Bulletins—China Bulletin Subcommittee selects, translates, and prepares the articles for publication.


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