2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting: Optimal Business Development

Published: July 22, 2020

2020 Annual Meeting and Leadership Meeting infographic

Are you missing robust opportunities for networking and business development?

INTA’s virtual 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting in November is the best place this year to keep your network vibrant and growing.

Throughout the event, dynamic networking activities such as Table Topics, Speed Networking, Social Networking, Corporate Meet-Ups, and Corporate Meeting Rooms will provide registrants with myriad opportunities to form new relationships and build on existing ones.

In addition, a matchmaking and appointment system, powered by artificial intelligence, will seamlessly allow registrants to set up one-on-one and group meetings, chat, or hold video conferences. By creating your unique profile, you can meet others based on interests, location, or other profile criteria.

For INTA volunteers participating in the Leadership Meeting program, committee meetings will also, as usual, provide fertile ground for networking.

All of this added value complements compelling educational sessions, and an interactive Exhibit Hall, both of which also encourage business-oriented conversations and connections.

“It is more important than ever that we take the time to connect with friends and colleagues, even in a virtual setting,” said Larry Rickles, Chief Trademark Counsel at Teva Pharmaceuticals (USA). “For many members, the continuity of meeting every year with distant partners and clients is of high value. In this manner, we can continue to foster these connections and nurture important relationships.”

So what’s on tap?

First, corporate registrants can access Corporate Meeting Rooms to meet with external counsel from around the world. Business Hubs are also available.

“While virtual, the November Annual Meeting will still provide numerous opportunities for in-house attorneys to meet with their outside counsel. INTA will be employing new technology to facilitate such one-to-one meetings, which are such a vital part of the Annual Meeting,” Mr. Rickles noted.

Zeeger Vink, Intellectual Property Director at MF Brands Group (Switzerland), is also eyeing this aspect of the Meeting. “The IP team of MF BRANDS GROUP is excited to use the new meeting format: it provides a unique opportunity to have even more of our outside counsel attend our annual IP Counsel Meeting,” he said.

In addition, Corporate Meet-Ups will facilitate the opportunity for corporate members to meet and interact with global in-house counterparts in an informal and relaxed setting. Each moderated session will be limited to a dozen INTA corporate members.

Another great networking opportunity, INTA’s popular Table Topics are on the daily schedule. The moderated small group discussions on various trademark and career development topics will take place at 11:00 am and 6:00 pm (EST) on most days from November 9 through 20. Brand owners will be among the moderators.

Next, Speed Networking, another favorite that helps you expand your contacts, is going virtual. Sessions are available regularly throughout the day from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm (EST), November 9‒20, thus making it convenient for many time zones. This networking opportunity builds on INTA’s success with virtual Speed Networking over the past few months in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The virtual Speed Networking is pace-setting, truly innovative! Once again INTA raises the bar in members’ engagement,” said Ike C Ibeku, Managing Partner at Benchmac & Ince (Nigeria), who recently participated in a session.

In addition, a vast array of Social Networking activities, offered November 11–12 and 16–20, with several options in live and on-demand environments each day, will feature sports, wellness, tastings, and experiences.

Ben Travers, Head of Intellectual Property and IT at Stephens Scown LLP (UK), plans to make the most of the networking opportunities. “Our communications with overseas attorneys are vital. INTA has long been an important part of this for us,” he said. “It does not matter that this year this communication will be digital; what matters is that it happens.”

Now that early-bird registration for the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting  is open, it’s time to plan for the networking sessions you’d like to include in your schedule. Early birds get first-come, first-served access to networking sessions like Table Topics, Speed Networking, Social Networking, and Corporate Meet-Ups. Registrants can sign up for these sessions beginning July 29.

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