Let’s Congratulate Our High-Performing Committee Members!

Published: February 15, 2023

In 2022, INTA launched a new initiative to identify and celebrate high-performing committee members. This program empowers committee chairs and vice chairs to recognize and give visibility to high-performing committee members who advance committee work throughout the committee term, without having to wait for the yearly INTA Service Awards.

INTA is pleased to announce and share the list of committee members selected as part of the first iteration of the Recognition of High-Performing Committee Members Program.

Through this program, committee leaders are able to show appreciation for the personal time the committee members dedicated to achieving and furthering committee objectives. Of the 37 committees in the Advocacy, Communications, and Resources Groups, 29 committees participated and recognized 97 individuals. These individuals received early access to registration for the 2023 Annual Meeting Live+ and were celebrated by their committees.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking our high-performing committee members!

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