Letter from INTA 2022 President Zeeger Vink

Published: January 6, 2022

Zeeger Vink

Zeeger Vink MF Brands Group Switzerland INTA 2022 President

This letter was originally published in the January 5, 2022, issue of the INTA Bulletin

Dear Colleagues,

A new year brings with it an opportunity to reset the clock and begin afresh. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic endures into a third year around the world, further testing our resilience and fortitude. As we remain hopeful for an end to this crisis, we have much to look forward to in 2022, and it is critical that we forge on—advancing our Association, our mission, and our community.

Indeed, INTA begins this year with a new 2022–2025 Strategic Plan. It provides us with a clear vision for our future and myriad opportunities to advance intellectual property (IP) globally.

The new year is also the start of a new committee term. We are excited by members’ enthusiasm to get started on their objectives and contribute to INTA and to the field. Our recently launched committee management tool, INTAcollaborate, will be an invaluable tool to help us work together and track our progress.

We are also counting the days until we meet at the 2022 Annual Meeting Live+, April 30–May 4. This event, in Washington, D.C., USA, will mark a return to in-person Annual Meetings, plus virtual programming for those unable to travel or who prefer that format. Registration opens January 19. Mark your calendars and check INTA’s website regularly for updates.

In addition, membership renewal is well underway. We value your membership, and we encourage you to remain part of our community and reap the exclusive benefits of discounted registration for the Annual Meeting, access to time-saving Practice Guides, numerous global networking opportunities, and so much more.

I’m sure my predecessors will agree that to serve as INTA President is always a great honor. I’m humbled to lead the Association in 2022, which, in many ways, is a pivotal moment in time for our community and for society. I very much look forward to working with members and staff in pursuit of our collective mission.

I’m particularly excited to launch the 2022 Presidential Task Force. We will examine how brands report on their IP, both operationally and financially. Reporting brand value on the balance sheet is a major challenge for IP professionals: we understand both the tremendous value of intangible assets and the (usually understated) value of our work. Improved IP reporting is an opportunity to change the perception of IP and IP professionals.

Clearly, there’s a lot going on this year. My parting advice for now: Keep reading the weekly INTA Bulletin. It is not only the best way to keep up to date on Association news, it is also our community’s go-to source for global law and practice updates, interviews with industry thought leaders, and in-depth feature analysis of all things brands and IP.

On behalf of INTA’s Board of Directors and the INTA Bulletin Editorial Team, I wish you all a healthy and productive 2022.

Zeeger Vink
2022 INTA President

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