Long Trip to Singapore? What Better Time to Offset Your Carbon

Published: December 21, 2022

Rudy Gaines Creative Business Growth Durham, North Carolina, USA Brands for a Better Society Committee

As many of us look forward to next year and traveling to the 2023 Annual Meeting Live+ in Singapore, here’s one question you may want to consider: How large will your carbon footprint be by the time you get home after the Meeting? If you aren’t familiar with the term, “carbon footprint” is essentially the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that planes, trains, and automobiles put into the atmosphere as you move from one destination to the next. So, the farther you travel, the more CO2 gets released into the atmosphere, which contributes to the ever-growing misery of climate change.

INTA has made corporate social responsibility a strategic priority. The Brands for a Better Society Committee (BfaBSC) has been working on a variety of initiatives to help the Association pursue its sustainable aspirations. As Chair of the BfaBSC programming committee, Giacomo Moleri (Spheriens, Italy) noted, “One of our goals is to help our community reduce its climate impact related to INTA events. Offsetting our carbon footprint is something we can all do, even before we get on a plane to Singapore.”

Indeed, the long-term goal for INTA events is to be carbon neutral, which means for every pound of carbon registrants put into the air en route to a meeting or conference, we’ve contributed a commensurate amount to sustainable projects that work to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Joining Forces with Climate Partner

INTA has partnered with renowned sustainability expert, Climate Partner, which helps organizations like ours achieve carbon-neutral status. Climate Partner works closely with a number of major corporations that have a worldwide network of carbon offset projects, all supported by sustainably focused contributions. These projects are designed to provide cleaner air, land, and water, and help counteract the harmful carbon that we put into the atmosphere.

How Can You Help? Offset Your Carbon During Registration for the 2023 Annual Meeting

We’ve all endured the yearly click-through frenzy that occurs while registering for an Annual Meeting in order to reserve a desired hotel. But this year, please take a moment to pause, and when prompted, click on the carbon offset link, which will give you quick and easy instructions on how to make a donation to help offset your carbon. You can even do it early by going to and following the simple instructions. And when you do, you’ll be joining a great number of your fellow Annual Meeting registrants in the fight against climate change while helping the Association achieve its goal of becoming a global organizational leader on sustainability.

Finally, if you have ideas that could help INTA become more sustainable, please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone from the BfaBSC and start a conversation. And while in Singapore, please stop by the Brand Marketplace and participate in the Green Swag Competition, another of our initiatives helping our vendors move toward more sustainable giveaways.

Safe travels to Singapore. Let’s save the planet together!

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