The Second 2021 Issue of INTA’s China Bulletin Is Available

Published: May 6, 2021

INTA China Bulletin CoverINTA members’ needs have changed considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic. This issue of the China Bulletin—the second in 2021—looks at some major initiatives undertaken by the Association and some developments within the intellectual property (IP) field.

This issue’s cover story features INTA’s Director for Member Experience, Peg Reardon, explaining the Association’s innovative strategy for business development and how it was adapted for a virtual environment. Many of these new business development opportunities formed part of the 2021 Leadership Meeting in early May.

The Association updated its Fact Sheets resource in February. This INTA Bulletin article explains how brand professionals can share these resources with their colleagues and clients to help them gain a foundational knowledge of trademarks and related IP.

In December 2020, U.S. law saw one of the most notable legislative developments of the past few months, the U.S. Trademark Modernization Act. Also in December, the European Commission published the new EU Digital Services Act. The Association has engaged in advocacy efforts on this landmark legislation, and the December 16, 2020, issue of the INTA Bulletin reported on the relevance of the legislation to brand professionals globally.

Among the INTA Bulletin feature articles translated for this China Bulletin are three that cover emerging technologies and how they are shaping the IP landscape. One piece focuses on the benefits of blockchain and how it can be used to enhance brand reputation and curb counterfeits. Another feature asks the question: Are AI-generated inventions the future? And the third feature looks at how AI can be adapted for legal research. In addition, another feature article looks at what can happen when brands mix with politics.

This issue also covers several legislative and case law developments from around the world:

The China Bulletin is a quarterly publication in Mandarin providing insight into the Association’s advocacy work, educational events, legal resources, and other activities. It also includes in-depth feature articles and Law & Practice updates covering notable case law and legislative developments and trends from around the globe.

Articles in the China Bulletin come primarily from the INTA Bulletin. The INTA Bulletins—China Bulletin Subcommittee selects, translates, and prepares the articles for publication.

View the May 2021 China Bulletin.

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