Protecting the Fringe of Pop Culture: IP’s Role in Championing Outsiders and the Emerging Arts

Published: February 16, 2021

Brand & New

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Eamon Chawke

Éamon Chawke Briffa Solicitors United Kingdom

Intellectual property (IP) law is engineered to foster innovation and creativity. In some countries, the way IP applies to traditional forms of creativity such as music, painting, design, or even perfumes is understood and accepted. But, at least in principle, it may be less obvious when it comes to emerging popular forms of art, such as street and body art.

How does IP apply to street and body arts? Who owns what? What are the competing rights at stake—those of the owner of the building on which a graffiti is painted or the person bearing the tattoo? Beyond copyright, can trademark registration provide artists with additional protection? How does all of this play out on social media, the emerging arts’ favorite exhibition forum nowadays.

Éamon Chawke, a Partner with Briffa Solicitors, a boutique law firm in the United Kingdom, provides insight. Specializing in the protection, management, exploitation, and enforcement of IP, he has a broad spectrum of clients that include authors, agents, and publishers, as well as clothing, furniture, and graphic designers.

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