The Virtual Work Order: Generate Higher Performance and Stronger Relationships

Published: October 13, 2020

Brand & New

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Keith Ferrazi

Keith Ferrazzi Founder and CEO, Ferrazzi Greenlight Los Angeles, California, USA

How to overcome the challenges of remote working when it comes to building, entertaining, and thriving through our professional relationships? How to leverage technology, without too much trade-off in terms of authenticity and true connection? How to remain engaged and present when most interactions remain remote?

Just a few weeks before the International Trademark Association’s first-ever virtual Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting, scheduled for November 9 to 20, 2020, who better to discuss these topics than Keith Ferrazzi, entrepreneur, TED Talk speaker, and author of the best sellers Never Eat Alone, Who’s Got Your Back? and Leading Without Authority.

As the founder and CEO of the strategic consulting firm Ferrazzi Greenlight, based in Los Angeles, California, USA, Mr. Ferrazzi has been focusing on the importance of positive relationships to reach business success, addressing the behavioral issues that block organizations from reaching their goals. His previous experiences as chief marketing officer of the global hospitality company Starwood, have also contributed to build his vision on success redefinition, on the ways to Co-Elevate® to innovate and to team out to bring in the right expertise and “go higher together.” His insights shall be eye-opening for intellectual property and legal teams, and beyond.

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