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Brand & New is a podcast produced by the International Trademark Association (INTA) and focused on innovation. Our host, Audrey Dauvet, shares a new topic every two weeks, on Tuesday—to inform and inspire listeners.

Brand & New gives the floor to inspiring individuals, with a 360-degree vision, to help brand owners, intellectual property l
awyers, and marketing and finance professionals (and beyond!) stay curious and agile in an ever-evolving business environment. 

Each podcast consists of an open dialogue with experts, visionaries, and influential people from all over the world in order to learn more about the evolution of the legal and intellectual property ecosystem, its concepts, and all actual or potential consequences.  

Because we consider innovation as a pillar of INTA’s 
2018—2021 Strategic Plan, and because it is key to “walk the talk,” we invite you to follow Brand & New, to expand your knowledge about the transformation of this industry and to stay curious!

Our host is a French-born lawyer and entrepreneur currently based in the United States. After years spent in private practice as an IP lawyer, Ms. Dauvet became the Global Intellectual Property Director of the leading wine and spirits company Pernod Ricard, Paris, France, managing with her team a portfolio of more than 30,000 IP rights. She then became Vice President Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs for Pernod Ricard Americas, in New York.  Her achievements were recognized with several U.S. and international awards. Currently, Ms. Dauvet is a consultant in IP and technology as well as an entrepreneur in the beverage sector.  

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Brand & New guests contribute to this podcast in their personal capacity and the opinions expressed (or experiences shared) are their own. They do not purport to reflect the views or opinions of INTA or its members. 



Tuesday, March 12, 2019: Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property in Japan: A Deep Dive into Applications, and Legal and Policy Issues

With artificial intelligence (AI) all over the news, Ayuko Nemoto, Partner at Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office, based in Tokyo, Japan, takes a deep dive into this topic to help us understand the status of AI-generated works, how public and private sectors deal with AI and its legal aspects, and the protection and enforcement of AI-related intellectual property rights in Japan—one of the world leaders in technology and robotics.

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 Previous Episodes

Tuesday, February 26, 2019: What Mindset and (Soft) Skills Do Lawyers Need to Thrive in a Fast-Evolving Environment? 

Karen ClemensDiane Ridon
In a departure from previous episodes that focus on IP or technology, Karen Clemens and Diane Ridon, both leadership coaches who contribute to the Executives Education Program at Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, center their conversation on humans—the qualities and skills, from emotional intelligence to critical thinking, that make a difference in order for lawyers and others to succeed in a fast-evolving tech environment.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019: Being Innovative and Disruptive in the Media and Entertainment Industry: the Netflix Approach to Intellectual Property

Jeremy Kaufman, Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property at Netflix, Inc., in Los Angeles, California, shares with us the local and global IP challenges at Netflix—a company with nearly 150 million subscribers that  has revolutionized the entertainment industry. His unique insight, completed by his past experiences with The Walt Disney Company and The Fox Entertainment Group, is a deep dive into both the role of IP counsel and the media services industry today. 
Tuesday, January 29, 2019: Tech Startups and IP: Generation Y Entrepreneur Knits Sustainable Textiles into Fashion 

Regina PolancoGeneration Y entrepreneur Regina Polanco, founder and CEO of PYRATES smart fabrics in Madrid, Spain, shares her experience in following her passion for textiles after legal studies to develop this sustainable clothing company, and how she put a special focus on the protection of its signature smart fabric technology from the very beginning of the business journey. She is a keynote speaker at INTA’s 2019 Europe Conference: Embracing Change, February 18-19 in Paris, France. 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019: Cybersecurity: Through an Intellectual Property Lens

Eran Kahana
Eran Kahana, an intellectual property (IP) and cybersecurity attorney at Maslon LLP, Minneapolis, Minnesota, a research fellow at Stanford Law School, Palo Alto, California, and a director at InfraGard (Minnesota chapter), an FBI and private partnership, shares his experience and views about cybersecurity, the threats related to data, and potential solutions in a complex ecosystem where IP is basically everywhere and where cybercrime is increasingly alarming. 

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019: Brands and Innovation Committee: At the Heart of INTA’s Vision
MladenMladen Vukmir, founding partner of Vukmir & Associates in Zagreb,Croatia, and Julia Talke, global lead counsel-trademarks and brands at Lumileds in Aachen, Germany, lead the International Trademark Association’s Brands and Innovation Committee. In this inside look at an INTA committee, the chair and vice-chair tell us about its objectives, activities, and alignment with one of the pillars of the Association’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. Plus, the IP experts disclose why they are obsessed about technology and innovation. 

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018: The IP Office of Tomorrow: All About Innovation—Chile’s Case Study

Portrait of Maximilian Santa CruzMaximiliano Santa Cruz, an IP and technology consultant based in Santiago, Chile who until recently was the General Director of the National Institute of Industrial Property of Chile, discusses with us the challenges and opportunities raised by innovation from the perspective of an IP office. He also shares his vision of the potential evolution of the mission of IP offices in relation to trademark protection in the future.


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Tuesday, December 4, 2018: Disrupting Trademark Law: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Social Media, and More

Fromer JeanneJeanne Fromer, a Professor of Law with a specialty in IP at New York University School of Law and Co-Director of the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy in New York, raises many thought-provoking questions about trademark law, technology, and society as a whole in this compelling interview. She gives us keys to better understand how artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies challenge our perspective on traditional legal concepts in today’s fast-changing world.

About Jeanne Fromer

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018: Embrace the Future: How Technology Is Transforming Legal Practice

Stéphane Lemarchand, Partner, Global Co-Chair, Intellectual Property and Technology Group, DLA Piper France LLP, Paris, France, shares his experience about the way the legal and IP ecosystems interact with technology, and why practitioners must embrace technology sooner rather than later “to remain relevant and efficient.”


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About Innovation and Technology
DLA Piper white book on digital transformation, co-edited with the leading French business magazine Option Finance:  
Direct access to the ebook :

Tuesday, November 6, 2018: Introduction to Brand & New, the International Trademark Association Podcast 

Tish BerardTish Berard, the 2018 President of the International Trademark Association (INTA), introduces the Association’s new podcast series, Brand & New, in a discussion with host Audrey Dauvet.

Successful businesses innovate on a daily basis to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers. How do brand professionals and those interested in brands become effective stakeholders in this dialogue? Learn how business leaders, legal experts, marketing gurus, and technological visionaries from all over the world comprehend today’s changes in technology and prepare their organizations for the future.

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About Tish Berard

About INTA initiatives related to innovation

Hosted by Audrey Dauvet

Contribution of M. Halle & S. Lagedamont - Music by JD Beats 

Brand & New is a production of the International Trademark Association