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A New Outlook: An Interview with Jomarie Fredericks

As we look ahead into a new year full of opportunities and events, the INTA Bulletin caught up with 2023 INTA President Jomarie Fredericks to get her outlook on the year ahead.

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Changing Approach to Letters of Consent in China

Yongjian Lei

Yongjian Lei Wanhuida Intellectual Property Beijing, China Trademark Office Practices Committee

Recent developments in the trademark prosecution practice in China suggest that it will become even more difficult to use letters of consent as means to overcome citations. Trademark owners can, however, improve their chances by adhering to certain principles when relying on letters of consent.

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IP in Space: From Science Fiction to Science Fact

Join us for a discussion of the current state of the IP law in space, the need to develop a clear legal framework at both national and international levels, and what the future may hold for IP in the evolving space economy. Our latest guests, Sheja Ehtesham (ALG India Law Offices LLP, India) and Clark Lackert (World Trade Centers Association, USA), have been actively involved in the INTA Project Team on IP in Space and are experts in this area.

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Get expert insight into the issues influencing the present and transforming the future of trademarks and brands. We explore current and evolving trends and practice issues, and interview leaders and visionaries from across the industry.

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Law & Practice

With a constant eye on developments that our community needs to follow, practitioners from around the world report on legal proceedings and proposed and actual changes in laws and regulations to keep you up to date.

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INTA Research

Our studies contribute significantly to the IP field and beyond, providing critical data that inform our members, as well as policymakers, the C-Suite, entrepreneurs, media, and consumers.

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Industry Research

Make data-driven decisions and strengthen your strategic guidance. Taking a deep dive into significant issues of our time, we highlight our own studies and other industry research.

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Industry Updates

We bring you news from myriad sources to keep you informed about key industry issues and trends. This includes an ongoing series to update brand owners on online service providers’ efforts to curb counterfeiting, and represents our collaborative initiatives to fight the proliferation of counterfeit goods online and elsewhere.

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