Inside Amazon: Strategies to Foster Customer Trust

Published: October 8, 2019

Brand & New

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Dana Northcott Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property,, Inc. Seattle, Washington, USA

What can’t you find on Amazon? As the most global retail store ever, Amazon has become a unique platform where customers can literally find any product they wish and sellers have concomitantly found a marketplace broader than anything they used to operate on. Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s commercial success has led to an increased risk of counterfeit products being sold on its platform. How does the platform protect brands to maintain customer trust? What are the proactive and reactive steps taken by Amazon to limit this risk? In this episode, we discuss the platform’s anti-infringement strategy with Dana Northcott, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property, who has been with, Inc., Seattle, Washington, for over 12 years. Among her attributes, she is notably in charge of designing the company’s intellectual property platform policy and implementing it globally over all its business lines.

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